Do you wish you could dress more stylishly without it taking ages out of your busy schedule?

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The Dilemma


You need to be able to build an outfit that makes you feel fabulous in under 5 minutes or you’ll end up grabbing the same old “safe and boring” items over and over! The problem is that most of us lead super busy lives and so the desire to dress stylishly gets squashed by the reality that rather than being organised, our wardrobes are cluttered and filled with the wrong clothes.

Is your wardrobe cluttered? Unless your wardrobe is organised and uncluttered, you won’t easily be able to see all of your clothes and – like most other women – you’ll probably be wearing 20% of your clothes 80% of the time. Is it filled with the wrong clothes? Maybe you’re a neat freak and clutter isn’t your issue, but you just don’t know what clothes suit and flatter you, so you don’t know what to buy.



The Reasons

Most likely you’ve never been taught to “filter” fashion, trends and fads. Fashion brands, magazines and social media bombard us with ‘what to wear’ and how to ‘shop the look’ and so we end up being sucked into buying what the media tells us we should be wearing instead of what really suits us. Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t invest in new items to update your wardrobe (repeating invest & update), but I believe you need to ask yourself some key questions before buying new clothes. Questions such as; does the item suit my personality, lifestyle, body shape and skin tone? These are key ‘filter’ questions that you must ask yourself before committing to the buy.

You probably lack the confidence to mix & match your clothes and as a result are too scared to experiment with colours, patterns, prints and fabrics in case you embarrass yourself.

Chances are too that you buy impulsively instead of consciously slowing down, taking more time, choosing your clothing purchases more wisely and buying more of what you need and less of what you don’t. I’m not the fashion police but sustainable fashion is a serious topic that needs our attention. Let’s stop for a moment and think about our mindless shopping habits; what it does to our environment and how we can start making a positive change.



The solution


Let me help you to build a wardrobe that you’ll love… one that you can stand in front of and be confident you can choose an outfit in double quick time and that you know you’ll feel fabulous in.

To take the stress out of getting dressed I’ve developed the FashionFilter - a 5 step process designed to analyse your total image & lifestyle and equip you with a framework to build a sustainable wardrobe you love.



Step 1: Know your body

Step 2: Know your lifestyle



Step 3: Filter your current wardrobe using your personalised FashionFilter

Step 4:  Fill the gaps in your wardrobe



Step 5: Maintain the wardrobe you love


Step 1: KNow Your Body

Know your body shape. I’ll need your measurements. Yes ladies you read it… this involves a tape measurement but if you’re not comfortable I can use an alternative method. However the more accurate the measurements the better the result.

NB: The FashionFilter can be used on any body type, age or weight.

I use a professional body calculator that delivers precise advice for over 660 garment and accessory styles. From coats to dresses, pants to skirts, tops to knitwear, shoes to sandals, boots to sneakers, swimwear to lingerie. Everything is covered! Even your face shape is analysed to help you select hats, eyewear, hairstyles and earrings.
Knowing your body shape will give you the confidence to pick out styles that flatter your shape, and work fashion to your advantage by knowing what to buy and how to coordinate it.

Know your skin tone. I’ll test the most suitable colours for your skin tone by ‘draping’ you with different colours. (I can do this virtually too!) It is a detailed analysis that looks at the effect of colour on your undertone which is a true reflection of which colours work for you.  

I’ll teach you how to coordinate colours and which contrast levels, patterns, textures and fabrics look great on you.

You’ll receive a pocket-sized colour swatch containing the most suitable colours for you. It’s an easy reference guide to help you choose the correct colours while you’re out shopping and avoiding those that don’t suit you.

Knowing which colours suit you has the power to make you look younger, healthier and even slimmer

At the end of these sessions you’ll receive

1. A personalised web-based style platform for life,
2. A custom colour swatch with 60 of your most flattering colours, and
3. A 30-page eBook outlining your colour direction.


Step 2: Know your lifestyle


Style Personality test:  

How you dress tells people who you really are. Recognise the positives and pitfalls of your style.

Lifestyle & Wardrobe test:

Your wardrobe should contain the right amount of clothes for your time spent at work, home and leisure.


Step 3:  Wardrobe audit using your FashionFilter

So, now we know your body shape, colours and lifestyle the next step is cleaning out your wardrobe. Sounds easy enough but most women find this emotionally difficult and ultimately perform a substandard job on their own. Whether you’re a hoarder with masses of clothes or you just cannot bear to relinquish items you’ve paid too much for and have worn too little, a wardrobe audit is much more successful and more enjoyable with the help of a friend like me.

You’ll even gain some insider styling skills while creating a wardrobe that you’ll love.

Throughout the wardrobe audit I’ll teach you how to

  • use my 3 clever decluttering steps

  • mix & match your clothes

  • create a shopping list for missing items to complete your outfits


Step 4: Fill the gaps in your wardrobe

Creating and maintaining a stylish wardrobe is much easier and more affordable once you learn what to look for and where. I love shopping and happy to share my tips with you to shop smarter and spend wisely on quality garments made responsibly.

Whether you enjoy or despise shopping, there is a solution for you. Book a personal shopping session with me and come along on an exciting and liberating experience as I escort you through the stores. Or book a virtual shopping session and I’ll do the shopping for you.

Either way, we’ll use your personalised FashionFilter & shopping list to buy clothing that suits your budget.


Step 5: Maintain the wardrobe you love

I suggest we seasonally review & update your wardrobe.

It’s the rinse & repeat step.

You’ve invested in your FashionFilter and it’s imperative you revisit it to ensure your wardrobe remains organised, stylish and sustainable.


How much does the FashionFilter Cost?


1-on-1 Styling

Step 1 + 2: Style, colour + lifestyle (includes web-based style platform & colour swatch)

2 hrs at 190€

Step 3: Wardrobe audit

3 hrs at 210€

Step 4: Personal Shopping

3 hrs at 210€

Step 5: Maintenance

1 hr at 70€

*above rates include VAT & travel costs within Amsterdam & Amstelveen



V Styling (Virtual Styling)

Step 1+2: V- Style, V- Colour & lifestyle (includes web-based style platform & colour swatch)

* excluding colour swatch shipment

2 hrs at 170€

Step 3: V- Wardrobe audit

2 hrs at 120€

Step 4: V- Shopping. I’ll compile a personalised look book (with links) based on your FashionFilter & shopping list.

1hr (min 1hr) at 60€ per hr

Step 5: V-Maintenance



After you’ve applied the 5 steps of the FashionFilter framework you will:

  1. Save money, time & space by eliminating spontaneous spending on clothes that don’t fit, flatter or make you feel fabulous,

  2. Feel stylish, sophisticated and confident knowing what you’re wearing looks great on you, and

  3. Have the power to slow down, buy less and choose well to support sustainable fashion.